Our second time in Edinburgh, was even better that when we went five years ago. Everyone should go at least once.

As much as we wanted to go to the highlands again, we only stayed in the city. We thought that we had to dedicate enough time to enjoy, live and discover every corner.

One of our favorite things when we go to cities, is to walk. We discovered some alternative routes to do some hiking, and also some places that aren't on the map with amazing architecture.

We also had some time to take photographs of our latest collection Hua. This new collection that we've just launched, is inspired on the ballad of Mulan, a poem written in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 AD) by an anonymous poet.

So if it happens that you are deciding to go to Edinburgh, do it! And our one piece of advice is to wear very comfortable shoes and an umbrella.

Photography: Alan Díaz
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