Vall de Núria

Vall de Núria

132km away from Barcelona and located in the Eastern Pyrenees, there is a magical place called Vall de Núria, a mountain resort with a unique wealth of nature and landscape.

We went by train to Ribes de Freser and spend one day walking around this little town and enjoying nature.

Next day, we took the rack railway and went to The Valley of Núria. All the ride was spectacular and as we were closer to the valley, the more excited we were.

That day was snowing a bit and in our opinion, was the perfect weather, even more charming, although the truth is that we couldn't walk a lot around as it was freezing, but the little walks we've done were worth it.

We spend some time at the hotel with a hot chocolate, looking through the windows to every detail we could see, we can't wait to go next year.

Photography: Alan Díaz

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